No Need For New

Think long and hard before you buy a new piece of something designed to improve your health – whether it be a new bike, or a new treadmill, or a new set of weights. We all know that far too many of these momentary impulse purchases wind up in the proverbial dust bin.

It is a joke, but no joke, that so many pieces of exercise equipment end up being clothes racks. That being said, it is not necessarily a bad thing to have these momentary impulses. It is far better than having none. One never knows when one of those impulses will stick, with the desired lasting effects on the length and quality of your life.

Much like any changes people want to make to how they live their lives, improving with new habits or ejecting old bad habits, it is not an easy thing to take on a new exercise regimen. It has long been a tenet of change that one must form a new habit by performing the new behavior every day for either a week or a month (depending on the source) before it can be expected to stick.

And even if it doesn’t stick the first time, it is also said with addictions like smoking, that you should never stop trying. The chances of success go up with each attempt. Surely the same holds true for changes like dieting or exercise.

That being said, it is still pretty likely that any individual attempt will end in failure.

So consider not buying that new equipment. Given that failure is likely, it is also likely that someone else out there has recently tried and failed. And that means that there are virtually new ‘coatracks’ out there just waiting for a new owner.

Most of these are in like new condition. They have been used for a week or a month. They have no miles on them and the current owners will be more than happy to recover the space they are taking up in their bedrooms or basements or closets. They will happily wave good-bye to you as they watch you exit the driveway while they are counting their cash and decide what the next new equipment choice they are going to buy. Not too long and they will have another cast off they can pass on to someone else. And the chain will continue.

So think about buying somebody else’s used bike or elliptical or whatever it is you would like to try. If this new effort turns out to not stick you won’t be out much – especially since you can probably pass it on – and if it turns out that this time is the charm, you can buy the new bike (or whatever) of your dreams later when you know you won’t be wasting your hard earned money.

Gotta Move

The secret to good health and a good life it movement. As much as you can stand as often as you can. The thing that is really screwing people up these days is the capacity people have for just sitting around and passively taking in the world. Widening wastelines and worsening IQ just has to be the result.

California is a bit of an exception to this trend. At least for now. I am sure this comes about because of Hollywood and its reputation for being the home of the beautiful people. Being the beautiful people is a lot of work, involving a lot of exercise. Couple that with a climate that encourages people to get out and enjoy and you have one of the healthiest places in the country.

You really can’t blame people who live where it snows 7 months out of the year for getting used to staying indoors and sitting on the couch. Same for all the folk who live where it’s 120 degrees in the summer (even if it is a dry heat, don’t you know).

So in these pages I will endeavor to share my philosophy of life and health. The title says it all – keep moving. So you don’t fossilize